Partyline: IFB central electronics

Clear-Com offers a range of partyline IFB products
PIC-4704 (current)
IFB Central Electronics Rack Mount (1RU), requires MA-704/AX-704 controllers and IC-25-6 cable or similarEach IFB Controller handles up to four Talent Receivers. For use with MA-704 and AX-704 IFB Control Panels or intercom stations. This unit contains the circuitry for selecting one of two program sources, sending the program to the IFB channels, and interrupting it via the Talent Control Station. Variable audio program dip-level. Monaural or stereo/ split-feed outputs. Improved and intuitive user interface. Requires a 6-pin XLR cable for connection to MA-704/AX-704 control panels.  Powered by partyline intercom power supply.

Obsolete units PIC-4000B
This is the IFB central electronics for four talents.
The controller is controled by either the MA-704 or MA-4 (for IFB 1-4)
AX-704 or AX-4 (for IFB 5-8 and up with additional PIC'sand AX's)
The IFB control cable between the PIC's and MA-704/AX-704 is 6-pin XLR cable
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