Partyline: How is a YC-36 adaptor wired

The YC-36 pin-out:  (see attached)
6 pin XLR pin-out (Male XLR connector)
Pin 1 = Ground (or Common)
Pin 2 = Supply Voltage
Pin 3 = Intercom Audio/Channel B
Pin 4 = Intercom Audio/Channel A
Pin 5 = Program Audio input +
Pin 6 = Program Audio input -
(pins 5 and 6 are not used on the stock YC-36)
Two 3 pin XLR pin-out (Two 3 pin XLR Female)
(used on both channel A and B)
Pin 1 = Ground
Pin 2 = Supply Voltage
Pin 3 = Audio
1) connect all Grounds together (pin 1of all connectors)
2) connect all Supply Voltages together (pin 2 of all connectors)
3) connect Pin 3 of channel B (three pin XLR channel B Audio) to pin 3 of the 6pin XLR (channel B Audio)
4) connect Pin 3 of channel A (three pin XLR channel A Audio) to pin 3 of the 6pin XLR (channel A Audio)
5) In the YC-36, pins 5 and 6 of the 6pin XLR are not used … unless you need to pass line level audio to the beltpacks.
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