Matrix: Can I hot swap E-Dante front and rear cards?

Question:  I have a spare set of E-Dante front and rear cards as backup. Can I hot swap the front and rear cards on
my Median frame?
Answer:  While the E-Dante front card can be removed when the frame is operational, it is not recommended that the
user hot swap an E-Dante card because the Dante cross points / channel subscriptions are contained in the Brooklyn
card as is the IP addressing and these parameters would be broken when the card is swapped.  The user would have
to save the Dante configuration as a file and import it to the replacement E-Dante card via the Dante controller software. 
(note: All front cards are hot pluggable / hot patchable . However when inserting them into the frame they may reset the frame so caution is advised )
The rear card cannot be hot swapped, in order to install / remove the rear card the Eclipse HX frame will need to
be powered down completely before it can be changed out. 


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