IP-Voice: Audio dropouts when using Voice2 units

Customer has VoICE2 link 400km between the cities of Reykjavik and Akureyri. 
They get the audio dropouts / choppy audio . The IP connection is not lost only choppy audio 

From: Clear-Com Technical Support Try adjusting the SILENCE SUPPRESSION setting on the units 

From the Voice2 manual Silence suppression can be enabled by selecting Fixed or Adaptive mode from the Silence suppression drop down list. The table below describes the configurable values for this feature:

The silence threshold calculation is done as follows:

1. An average value is calculated on the PCM samples in the buffer (the result is between 0-65535)

 2. This linear result is turned to a logarithmic scale using a "linear to mu-law" function. (the result is between 0-255)

3. This logarithmic result is directly compared with the silence threshold when fixed threshold is used. 

When adaptive threshold is used, every 400 ms, steps 1-3 are done and if the current signal average is below the threshold, the threshold is decreased by one. Otherwise it is increased by 1.

Customer Reply

I set Silence Suppress to ‘adaptive‘ and increased the Silence Detection Delay to 5000 ms.  Now the dropouts are gone.  It seems like the silence detection has been too active.