Other: Which Clear-Com products support Electret headsets

Product familyHeadset supportSwitch over
FreeSpeak EdgeDynamic & ElectretAuto detect
FreeSpeak IIDynamic & ElectretAuto detect
FreeSpeakDynamic & Electret

Via BP software (default Dynamic)

Tempest 2400*

Dynamic & ElectretAuto detect

Tempest 900*

Dynamic & ElectretAuto detect
DX seriesElectret only(External dynamic cable available)
PRO850Dynamic & ElectretAuto detect
WBSDynamic & ElectretAuto detect
V-SeriesDynamic & ElectretMatrix software only (default Dynamic)
I-stationsDynamic only-           
ICS-1008/1016/2003Dynamic only-           
HelixNet stationsDynamic & ElectretMainstation software (default Dynamic)
HelixNet BPDynamic & ElectretBP software  (default Dynamic)
Encore StationsDynamic only-           
RS-700 BPDynamic & ElectretDIP switch (default Dynamic)
RS-600 BPDynamic & ElectretV-pac PC  software   (default Dynamic)

*Clear-Com no longer carries the Tempest line of products.