IP-Concert: List of common Concert v2.6 server commands

Question:  Are you aware of any issues with the concert software?  We have been running version for quite some time now and never had any issues.  Within the last month it has started crashing on us giving a generic windows error and closing out.  Are there any logs that we can look at to give us an idea of what is happening?  Would a copy of the application log from event viewer help at all?

Answer:  If the Concert v2.6 server has been running without issues and just started throwing errors have any of the following happened:
•    Anything changed on the Concert server?  Is the Concert server on a standalone Linux PC or hosted on a virtual Linux platform?
•    Is the Concert server tied to an Eclipse frame or a standalone Intercom system?
•    Was anything added to the server or changed?  i.e. IP address, roles, users etc?
•    Have you done a power cycle to the Concert server PC?
•    Have you tried stopping and restarting the Concert server / IVR server with the Linux commands in the terminal screen?
# service ems stop
# service ems start
Or use:
# service ems restart
# service ivr stop
# service ivr start
Or use:
# service ivr restart
•    You can collect logs using the following terminal command:
# service ems collect
A message similar to the following example is returned:
Initiating Collect Procedure...
* collecting trace logs...
* collecting config files...
* collecting startup scripts...
* collecting database logs...
* collecting Package versions...
* archiving files...
* the generated file '[file name].tar.gz' can be found in
'/usr/local/clearcom/concert' Collect operation completed successfully.
Attached below are the most commonly used v2.6 Concert Server terminal commands and a troubleshooting guide from the server manual.
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