Matrix: Are EHX 7.0 i-station and V-Series panels compatible with Eclipse 5.2 frames / software?

Question:  I have two frames, one is a new Eclipse HX 7.0 Median frame and the other is a Eclipse Pico frame running ECS 5.2 software. Can I take i-stations and V-Series panels on the HX 7.0 frame and use them on the Eclipse Pico frame?  Is the panel firmware compatible between the two platforms? 
Answer:  Yes, the firmware is compatible between the two platforms. The HX 7.0 panels will work with both HX 7.0 and 5.2 frames. However 5.2 panels have not been tested on HX 7.0 frames. Therefore it is advised to firmware update any panels migrating between the two platforms to the version included in HX 7.0 to insure proper operation with the both frames. If you have questions as to the correct firmware for a panel look at the customer release note for the given version.


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