Matrix: Upgrade to EHX version 7.0.0 shows warning message "HCI Msg ID2 dropped, invalid protocol identifier"

Question:  I have successfully upgraded an Eclipse Median frame from version 5.2.4 to EHX version 7.0.0, the upgrade was successful, but when I look at the Matrix Event log there is a warning message that is repeated over and over, please see the screen shot below for the contents of the message: 

What does the HCI Msg ID 2 dropped, invalid protocol identifier mean?
Answer:  The message you’re getting in the EHX event log is indicating the following:
We use a new HCI protocol v2 EHX and the matrix is expecting to see the new protocol message.
If you are you using an old version of PM PRO,  Please un-install PM PRO and re-install from PM PRO the EHX software CD to stop the warning message seen in the EHX event log.
If you are using EHX and you haven't restarted EHX since updating the Matrix firmware from pre v7, restart EHX.
HCI v1 is part of ECs 52x stream
HCI v2 is part of HX stream