Matrix: Can I disable local key assignment on an Eclipse enabled i-station?

Question:  We are trying to restrict the ability to add party channels or ports locally on the I-Stations. However, all
the settings that we have clicked to prevent don't seem to be preventing this action. Option 5 is still present, and
the list is still there. Below are the options that we have clicked on all the party channels and ports.
Enable Assignment as Listen - Not Checked
Enable Assignment as Talk - Not Checked
Default Assign as Talk and Forced Listen - Not Checked Protect
Port from Assignment - Checked.
All our ports, I-Stations, and Party channels are configured this way, but are still selectable on the I-Stations when pushing 5.
What are we missing to prevent local assignment?
Answer: In EHX Cards and Ports Menu highlight the port an I-station is connected to.  This will open the advanced settings
column on the right hand side on the screen.
Look for "Menu Options" and click on it to open the menu.
Set "Local Preferences Access" to false, this will disable menu option 5 for the i-station. On the menu bar on the left hand
side of the work screen apply the change to the frame. 
After download check that button 5 is now disabled on the i-station. Button 7 will still be accessible locally to the user to make
the following adjustments:
  • GM / HS microphone adjustments
  • listen level reset
  • listen level adjust
  • sidetone adjustments at the i-station


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