Matrix: Can I program a Freespeak II beltpack role as an global IFB on a Eclipse frame?

Freespeak II beltpack roles can be programmed in EHX to be global IFBs with program dimming.
To setup follow checklist below:
1.)  From EHX Beltpack Roles tab create a new role

2.)  In the advanced settings column, select Global Options and set check mark on "IFB" and select dimming level

3.)  Go to the IFB Configuration tab, look for the new IFB, the default label will be IFBxx depending on previously created IFBs
4.)  Rename the IFB label, select a program source, make the FSII BP "ROLE" the IFB destination and if desired also program the FSBP role as the IFB return (this will allow the FSII BP operator to open their mic when talking back to the control room. Alternatively set eavesdropping to ON for the FSII BP role. This will allow the FSII BP mic to be open all the time (lazy talkback / pre hear).

5.)  Program any user panels with the IFB talk key, and if programmed the mic return as a listen key

6.)  Program the mic return talk key on the FSII beltpack to enable the return path to panel users

7.)  Apply changes to the Eclipse matrix frame with a reset to enable the new hardware changes


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