Matrix: Can I create multiple Telephone speed dials on a Matrix +3 panel for a single TEL-14 interface?

Matrix +3 systems with TEL-14s can support speed dials under the following circumstances:
1.  A M+3 TEL-14 can support one speed dial attached directly to the TEL-14 via the configure / attachments screen
2.  Attaching a speed dial to a control label and placing it as a standalone label on a panel will not trigger the speed dial to the selected TEL-14 card
3.  Multiple speed dials can be added to a panel using the following procedure, but the cost is a port for every DTMF speed dial created for the TEL-14 port
    A.  Create a 4-wire port in M+3
    B.  Attach a speed dial to this port
    C.  Loop the port audio output pairs back to the port audio input pairs, same for RS-422 input / output pairs
    D.  Create a forced listen from the port to the TEL-14 port
    E.  Add the 4-wire to the selected panel as a TALK key. 
    F.  Trigger the TEL-14 talk key to its active state, listen for dial tone
    G.  Then activate the 4-wire key w/speed dial, this triggers the DTMF dial tones to the TEL-14 interface
    H.  The user should now hear the TEL-14 dialing to the destination


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