Partyline: What wiring considerations should I look for when wiring an Encore system?

1.  when I go to connect my main station (like the MS-704 or the SB-704) to my wall units (a couple HB-702 and 704s and a couple KB-701 and 702s) and belt pack wall plates, what kind of wire do I need to have inside the walls? I know it is 2-wire 3-pin XLR, but is there anything else special I should tell my cabling installers to use or be aware of?
<Answer> Belden 8451, 9451 or for best results, 9463F. Party Line products are extremely forgiving and robust. Though not recommended, intercom can be run on many non-standard wiring with adequate results. The recommended gauge or AWG rating of wire is 18AWG, when running intercoms over long distances, as in 800 feet or more, this is imperative, but for cable runs going short distances, 20 - 22-gauge wire is fine. Some mults (multi-core cable snakes) use 24 AWG and that is still within useable spec for nominal runs of 250 feet or so. Keep in mind that the ground drain on some foil shielded cables (not the twisted pair normally going to pins 2 & 3 of an XLR connector) are slightly thinner than the twisted pair, so 24AWG is cutting it close, as the ground drain is thinner still. Also if using a multi-core cable make sure each pair is individually screened do NOT use multi-core cable with one overall screen
ALSO, keep your cable runs away from high voltage AC cables and avoid running them under or over coils of Triax or coiled AC lines, as that acts as a big induction coil in the cable trays.
See our Encore installation manual pdf for more details

2. For clarification: In connecting a 4 channel system, I will need to run separate 4 cables from the MS-704 to the HB-704. Is that correct?
<Answer> Yes
3. 2 cables from the MS-704 to each of the 2 channel stations. Correct?
<Answer> Yes
4. Basically, Do I need to run 1 cable per channel to each station depending on how many channels are at each station?
<Answer> Yes, but you can daisy-chain them, one to another (A to A to A, and B to B to B,  Etc.)

5.  If I am using the RS-703 belt-pack, do I need to connect it to 2 wall plate outlets- one on channel A and one on channel B?
<Answer> The RS-703 BPs require a Clear-Com TWC-701 combiner-box to make two channels travel on one, 3pin XLR, so if you put the box near the Master station, you only need to run a 3pin XLR around. 
HOWEVER, if you have some RS-701s and some RS-702s in your system, you might want to spread around two-XLR panels (one XLR for “A” and one for “B” and put the YC-36 cable at each wall outlet that requires the 702 BP and just plug in to “A” or “B” for the 701 BP (to the channel that 701 needs).


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