IP-Concert: I would like to know more about how IP communications is set-up

This is how Concert and Eclipse IP operate:
* When a Concert client talks to another Concert client (PC to PC) they communicate via the Concert server over the company IT network/subnet.
* When a Concert client talks to an Eclipse matrix, it talks directly to the Eclipse matrix which can be on a different network/subnet to the Company network
This is almost exactly what you get when you have private LAN that you want to protect from the internet. We assume that your IT department will understand how to do this, but technically, they will need a router (or firewall) between the 2 subnets. The "firewall" or router sits between the two networks and needs to be set up to allow traffic going between the 2 networks using port 6001 TCP and UDP, and do specific port forwarding to the Eclipse CPU card and the IVC-32 card IP address. It may sound complicated, but it is pretty standard and simple to job for your IT department.