Partyline: Removing the Cover on a TW-47

The TW-47 is easy to open:
1) Remove the 2 phillips screws on the bottom
2) Remove the two nuts on the DB-9 (they are hand tight, but you may need a small pair of pliers)
3) The XLR has a locking pin securing the XLR to the XLR housing. To unlock the XLR from the housing, insert a tiny slotted blade screwdriver into the access hole on the XLR-3 above and between pins 1 & 2, and turn it counter-clockwise. It releases the XLR from its housing and allows the top to slide off.
Reinstall the cover by reversing the steps above. Do not forget to lock the XLR into its housing (clockwise turn of the locking screw.)
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PDF File TW-47 XLR release access.pdf TW-47 XLR release access.pdf

Apr 06, 2019 by Administrator


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