Agent IC: Can my smart watch show incoming call via my Agent IC smartphone app

I have some questions about Agent IC when used with Android Watch (the Sony Smart Watch 3).

1Only the first key which was configured on the mobile client appears on the watch. 
The remaining keys don´t appear. (There is no scrollbar to see other keys. Only first key and reply).
Is this correct? Do you know if is possible to see more keys?

Answer: Yes this is correct we only provide Reply and first key on the watch.

2) On the watch there is a function to turn on mic and headphone, but apparently it's just to control functions on the phone, right? On the first test that we did, the watch mic didn´t work, but the key turned on and off mic and speaker on the phone.
Answer: Yes, the Watch remotely controls the Reply and first key on the host smartphone. There is no audio to/from the watch.

3) On the watch app, there is no listen, just talk. Correct?
Answer: The Watch supports push to talk. So if a new call comes to the Reply key the operator can feel vibration and activate Reply via the Watch.