Partyline: PIC-4000 compatibility to Phonak TX-300V IFB transmitter

The PIC-4000 doesn't interface directly with a third party IFB transmitter (phonak TX-300X) as it was designed to interface via the talent outs with Clear-Com compatible TR-50 or TR-532. The Phonak IFB transmitter only accepts a dry unbalanced or balanced line level input.
As the PIC-4000 talent outputs only provide an unbalanced IC feed that is wet with +30 Vdc on pin 2 of the XLR, an adapter cable needs to be contrusted that dries out the +30 Vdc that is provided on the talent output and and connects to the Phonak 3-pin XLR input in a balanced configuration via pins 2 and 3.
Pin 3 from the talent XLR should go to pin 2 of the XLR Phonak Tx input. Pin 1 from the talent XLR should go to pin 3 of the XLR Phonak Tx input. Pin 2 from the talent XLR is not used.
See attached drawing. This provides a solution to this type of interfacing.
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PDF File PIC-4000 to Phonak IFB cable.pdf PIC-4000 to Phonak IFB cable.pdf

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