Matrix: Can I get older versions of ECS to function with Windows 7 32bit platforms?

Question:  I'm running ECS 5.0 on my Eclipse frame, but we have updated our PCs to Windows 7 32bit platform from Windows XP.  Can I still run ECS 5.0 or do I have to upgrade to ECS 5.2 software?
Answer:  You can still run ECS 5.0 on your W7 32bit system, follow these instructions. 
1.  Right Click on the ECS icon on the PC desktop.  This will open a new dialog screen.2.  Select properties and go the compatibility tab, check ECS to run in XP Compatibility mode from the available options list.3.  Click on the save button to close the dialog screen.  4.  Reboot the PC and then run ECS to verify proper operation of ECS software.
If this method does not work try the following link from Microsoft


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