Matrix: Can I bring in Skype computer audio into a Matrix Frame port?

Question:  My customer wants to bring in a channel of Skype audio to the matrix and route to IFB and also have director able to talk from an I-Station to whom ever is on the Skype line. Can this be done?
Answer:  Yes, you should be able to do this easily by first isolating the computer or laptop audio input / output line from each other.  Most PCs provide a single 3.5mm tip/ring/sleeve connector for audio input / output, to avoid having to figure out the wiring standard for it use a standard USB external headset sound adapter which typically provides separate 3.5mm connections for the input and output. 

From this adapter the audio can be brought in as a 4-wire feed directly into a Matrix port or if isolation is an issue the audio can be routed through a BAL-8 to provide transformer isolation into the Matrix Port.  An alternate to this solution would be to use an FOR-22 interface card which provides transformer isolation along with additional manual audio level control for both the input and output audio levels from the PC or laptop. 


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