Partyline: How to connect Clear Com PS-20 to RS-602

You need to make a Y Adaptor to go from Channel A and B of the PS-20 (3pin XLR connectors) to the 6pin XLR input of the RS-602:
You can either purchase the YC-36 adaptor cable from Clearcom. The YC-36 cable plugs into the 6pin XLR male connector of the RS-602 beltpack. The other end of the YC-36 provides 2 3-pin female XLR connectors for connection into the PS-20
note the PS-20 unit has been replaced by the PS-702 
Or wire up your own cable
Heres the pin-outs………Clear Com Line (the PS-20 channel outputs)Pin 1 = GroundPin 2 = Supply Voltage 28+vdcPin 3 = Audio
RS-602 Intercom input pin-outPin 1 = GroundPin 2 = Supply Voltage 28+vdcPin 3 = Audio/Channel BPin 4 = Audio/Channel APin 5 = Local Program Input +Pin 6 = Local Program Input –(note pins 5 and 6 are not being used to connect the PS-20 to the RS-602)
To build cable….1)      Use shielded Mic cable to make adaptor2)      Connect all pins 1/Ground  together3)      Connect all pins 2/Supply Voltage together4)      Connect pin 3/Audio Channel A (from the PS-20) to pin 4/Audio Channel A (to the RS-602)5)      Connect pin 3/Audio Channel B (from the PS-20) to pin 3/Audio Channel B (to the RS-602)Note Pins 5 and 6 of the RS-602 are not used


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