Matrix: Can a MTX+3 Panel tell me what version of firmware / software the frame is using?

 If the user is trying to determine which version of M+3 software to use with an unkown Matrix +3 frame, try looking at any electronic display panels connected to the frame to determine the firmware version.
I-station:  The i-station firmware can be determined by pressing function keypad module 9, this would display the firmware version on the left-hand most key module.  The i-station only worked with M+3 versions 2.3.7 and 2.4.1, not compatible with M+3 versions 2.3.0 or lower. 
ICS-92 panel:  press the round listen button in and hold it in, after a few seconds the panel electronic display should show the firmware version of the panel and the firmware/software version on the frame.
ICS-2003 panel:  If menu access is enabled, press the menu button and then press the lever key associated with maintenance, then press the lever key associated with firmware version to read the panel firmware and frame firmware/software. 
ICS-2002/1802 panel:  If menu access is enabled, press and hold the menu button for several seconds to see the hidden menus, select the Maintenance menu option and select Version Information to access the software version number.
ICS-1502 panel:  Press the Menu button on the keypad to view the firmware version on the panel and frame firmware/software.


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