Matrix: What are the IP panel / IVC-32 error codes for an IP panel

Listed below are some of the most commonly seen messages for an IP enabled V-Series panel running the current v5.2 / v7.5 panel firmware. 
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Logging in to a EHX / ECS IVC-32 card:
*Waiting for Eclipse
*Info 3:0 Connecting (panel goes online after this message is displayed)
*Err 21 Remote offline (panel tries to connect but fails and then shows connecting > then remote offline... Try changing the connection type to LAN or WAN or Internet) 
Password Issues:
*Err 14 Bad Password (check ECS  / EHX and or panel for correct password)
*Err 21 Remote offline
User ID Issues:
*Login user "user name" denied (insert panel user name in quotes, check ECS / EHX or panel for correct user ID information)
IP Address Issues:
*Err 4:3 Media Busy (duplicate / wrong IP address assigned to panel)
*IVC Server not found (IVC-32 address on panel incorrect)
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