Matrix: Can I drag a second source into PM Pro in Summary view?

Question:  I have PM Pro setup on my EHX Eclipse system to allow multiple IFB sources onto a talent destination.  When I try to bring in that second source via PM Pro while in summary view the current source is simply switched out for the new source.  I have to go into detailed mode on an IFB to assign the multiple sources.  Is there a way around this, I would like to assign multiple sources in summary mode.
Answer: Yes there is a way to assign multiple audio sources to an IFB while in summary mode.  Assign the first audio source to the IFB.  On the second audio source, grab it with a right mouse click and drag it to the IFB, it will appear as a shadow behind the first audio source assignment.  See screen shot below:

Once the 2nd source is dragged in to the designated IFB it will appear as a shadow behind the first audio source
assignment.  This can be done for multiple audio sources.  See screen shot below:


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