Partyline: How to have PGM appear on Beltpack CH.A but not on MS-702 Mainstation speaker

Hello, we have the Clear-Com MS-702. We want to hear the program input on Channel A, but not on the MS-702. 

We have a switch technician who communicate with the cameramen. The cameramen want to hear the live sound, but the switch technician not. Because of the latency of the image, we delay the livesound for him. So image is lipsync. Is that possible?
Answer:On the front of the MS-702 you can turn down the Program Level (1) completely. However, once you "marry" that Program Audio to the channel, by turning PGM to on (2) for the Channel you then have tied that PGM on to every device in the system that receives that channel. The Level can be set with the small Potentiometer on the front (3)..
But if you only want the belt packs to hear the Program Audio,  send the audio locally to each beltpack. On an RS-702, send that audio to pins 5 & 6. On an RS-703, inject the audi locally via the 3.5mm TRS jack on the bottom of the BP and in both cases, use the rotary on the bottom of the BP to control level locally to that BP.


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