Partyline: Using channel B of a KB702GM without connecting to a power supply

The following applies to RS702/KB702/HB702 endpoints:
As long as the endpoint (unit) is connected to a PSU (e.g. MS702) on channel A, channel B can be connected to another endpoints without connecting to the PSU.
MS702 chnl A is connected to KB702GM#1 chnl A
The same MS702 chnl B is connected to KB702GM#2 chnl A
You can then wire the Chnl B of both KB702GM units together (you will need to provide a dummy termination on chnl B of the KB702GM units)
This allows the MS702 operator to talk independently to each KB702GM user and also allows the KB702 users to talk independently of the MS702 operator
The import thing to remember is that the KB702 units are powered by the MS702 via their channel A connection

The power comes from channel A.
Channel B must be independently terminated.
An XLR terminator can be made with:
- 3-pin XLR connector- 220 ohm resistor- 10 uF 50 VDC non-polar capacitor (a polarised cap can be used in place as long as the negative leg is soldered    to pin 1 of the XLR).- 4k7 ohm resistor
pin 1 - 4k7 - 220 - pin 3 with the cap across the 4k7 resistor.


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