Partyline: Spare MS-704 Gooseneck Mic Socket

Question: Can you advise if the gooseneck mic socket on partyline panels is available as a spare part?  If so can you advise the part number so I can order one?  We’d like to use a ClearCom gooseneck mic on a panel next to a ClearCom panel for another application and would like it to look nice next to the ClearCom panel.
Answer:  Yes, we do have the socket as spare parts for our partyline gooseneck.  There are four parts in total:
740043 Replacement Microphone Socket Assembly
280068 Replacement Hex Nut
280231 Replacement Inter Lock Washer
250572 Replacement Bushing for Microphone
However, Clear-Com parts should only be used for Clear-Com products.  The customer will be solely responsible for damages or injury if the part is improperly used on any product other than Clear-Com equipment.

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