Matrix: Are Eclipse Matrix frames shipped with static IP addresses or are they DHCP enabled?

Question:  My IT person is asking if our Eclipse frame supports DHCP addressing or Static IP addressing.  I know it currently is set to a static IP address but I do not know if it supports DHCP addressing.  Can you confirm this?
Answer:  Starting with Eclipse 5.2 systems the frames are shipped to users with DHCP addressing enabled. If no DHCP server can be found the frame will default to (the timeout for DHCP addressing is about 60 seconds). It allows the user to start programming the frame with a PC directly connected to the frame via a crossover CAT-5 cable (since a PC with DHCP enabled will default to an address in the same IP range if no DHCP server is present).  Most users will assign a static address to the frame as soon as they begin programming it.
If the frame is defaulted back to it's factory default (by holding down both the ENG and FULL RESET buttons while resetting the system). 


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