Matrix: I've installed Dante Virtual Soundcard on my PC, but can't route audio to my E-Dante card

After installing the Dante Virtual Soundcard on my Windows 7 PC I attempted to route audio from my VLC audio player
to the E-Dante card installed on my Eclipse frame.  The channel subscriptions looked to be available in the Dante
Controller software but the audio wasn't appearing on my V-Series panel. 
Turned out the issue was related to the audio interface setting in DVS, there are two settings to choose from depending
on the the type of device used. 

Use the Audio Interface drop-down menu to switch between ASIO and WDM audio engines. Dante Virtual
Soundcard must be stopped before you can change the Audio Interface.
In ASIO mode, Dante Virtual Soundcard supports audio applications that use ASIO audio, for example
Steinberg Cubase or Nuendo, Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Live.
In ASIO mode the Options button is enabled.
In WDM mode, Dante Virtual Soundcard supports audio applications that use WDM audio, for example
iTunes for Windows, Windows Media Player, VLC player and Skype.
In WDM mode the Options button is disabled.
In WDM mode your Windows Soundcard is configured in stereo transmit and receive pairs. 


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