2015 NAB FAQs - Clear-Com Gateway

These were the most frequently asked questions regarding Clear-Com Gateway at NAB 2015: 

How would I use this system to connect a number of very inexpensive hand held radios to a partyline system? To connect a partyline system to Gateway, you need to use an EF-701M.
You would select the amount of ports you need depending on how many radios you want to connect. You need one port for the party line and one port for every radio you would like to connect.  

How many SIP phone numbers can I associate with a Gateway? Each X1 or X4 gateway can support up to eight SIP accounts, SIP accounts are usually associated to extensions on a IP phone system.
These accounts (extensions) are than assigned to a 4-wire port on the gateway that is connected to intercom. The manual covers SIP account set up.  How do I configure the Gateway to dial out on a regular phone line? The Gateway does not support POTS (plain old telephone service)  lines for regular telephone connections, it has a SIP telephone interface, which can be used with a IP phone system or a telephone adapter that converts analog telephone to SIP.