Digital Partyline: Remote station / Speaker station displaying "firmware mismatch"

Version Mismatch appears when the version is different AND the Main station cannot find the matching .hnb file on its USB drive. 

If you put both firmware files (xx.ccb and xx.hnb) on a USB stick (place both files in the root directory) in the Main station and reboot the HRM or HKB-2X unit, it will update to the proper version.

When upgrading a Helixnet System that contains HRM remote station or HKB-2X speaker station make sure to leave the USB stick in the main station while the HRM remote station or HKB-2X speaker station upgrade 

for Helinxet ver 4 onwards the HMS, HRM and HKB fimrware is labelledas xxx.ccb and not xx.hnb

the HXII-BP firmware is labeled as xxx.ubifs.gz



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