Partyline: Sony CCU interfacing to Clear-Com PL Pro and Encore PL systems

Most later model Sony camera control units have a DB-25 connector on the rear of the CCU that allows the user to patch in directly to a Clear-Com Pro PL or Encore PL 2-wire unbalanced intercom system.  This is an acceptable practice for one or two CCUs, but it is recommended for multiple CCUs wired back into a 2-wire party-line system that the user take the 4-wire CCU audio feeds and route them into a Clear-Com 4-wire to 2-wire interface such as the IF4W4 which supports up to four 4-wire to 2-wire conversions or the EF-701M which supports a single 4-wire to 2-wire conversion.  The pinouts for the Sony CCU into a 2-wire PL line are shown below:

Sony CCUs that use this common 2-wire configuration:
A 4-wire / 2-wire connection diagram is attached below as a PDF. 

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PDF File HDCU Intercom 4W-2W pin out.pdf HDCU Intercom 4W-2W pin out.pdf

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