Matrix: TEL-14 will not auto hangup - Set TEL-14 disconnect/hangup tone

In order for the TEL-14 to hang up the line when a call is finished, or if the line is taken off hook and then no action is taken, the TEL-14 needs to be able to recognize the off hook/disconnect tone.

Different regions use a different frequency tone in this situation and so the TEL-14 must be setup to listen for your region’s tones.

To change this, remove the TEL-14 front card carefully from the matrix and locate the set of dip switches labelled S7:


  • Use the printed labels on the circuit board as the switch numbers.

  • Please ignore those printed on the dip switches themselves.

  • The TEL-14 disconnect tone is set to North America by default.

Dip Switch Layout

Disconnect Tones Table & S7 Dip Switch Settings