Agent IC: I have an Android watch paired with my phone, but the Agent-IC app doesn't appear on my watch.

First check you have the correct version of Android Wear on your watch and phone.

On the watch
* Go to settings
* About
* Scroll to version
* Tap the screen
* The Android wear version should be 1.5 or higher

On the phone
* Select the Android Wear app
* Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select About
* The Android wear version should be 1.5 or higher
Do you have pending notifications on your watch? Make sure you accept or remove pending notifications on the watch.
If the app is still not appearing on your watch try each of the following in turn until the app appears. Allow two or three minutes between each step to see if the app appears:
* Power cycle the watch
* Power cycle the phone
* Try uninstalling Agent-IC on the phone then re-installing it.


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