Matrix: Customer wants to upgrade their ECS Pico to HX-Pico

Customer wants to upgrade their old ECS 5.2.x Pico to the latest HX-Pico

Answer: Customer must purchase part # UPGRADE-PKG-PICO-HX: This is a return-to-factory only upgrade.

The Pico main board requires both software and hardware modifications. Hence the need to return the Pico back to the factory for the upgrade. 

Part # UPGRADE-PKG-PICO-HX : Eclipse PiCo to HX-PiCo upgrade package: 
Upgrade of an Eclipse-PiCo matrix to Eclipse-HX PiCo (with the latest software release).   The associated hardware upgrade of the PiCo matrix must be performed by Clear-Com factory service in the US or by the European service center in Germany.  

The customer is responsible for all shipping, customs, duties and taxes.   Any agreed repairs to the original PiCo, if required, will incur extra charges. Please contact your Clear-Com Sales Representative re pricing for onsite upgrades.

The process is:-       

  1. The customer orders 1x UPGRADE-PKG-PICO-HX (1 per Pico matrix)·       

  2.  Customer pays for upgrade + all transportation cost to/from ClearCom ·        

  3. Customer sends their unit to either CC-Germany or CC-USA service centre ·        

  4. CC-Germany or CC-USA: modify and upgrade the CUSTOMER’s matrix to HX and ships back to the customer. ·   

Solution update

Dated Aug 5, 2019

Pico Matrices we made obsolete in 2018 , we no longer have any loan units available as temporary loaners

 IF?? The customer needs a LOAN matrix for the duration of the time their matrix is being upgraded. CC can loan them a Pico (However the customer must send the loan unit back to Clear-Com)- Its not permitted for the customer to keep the LOAN unit.

We will always send their unit back to them ·       


We do not extend the warranty on the customer's matrix. We only guarantee the parts and workmanship used to upgrade the matrix to HX 

Please note: All ECS Pico matrices manufactured after June 2013 with serial number 01RCxxxx & higher already have the h/w modification. Therefore for those customers they only need to purchase the standard EHX software upgrade.  



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