Matrix: Are the Eclipse frame rear panel MVX-A16 cards "Hot Swappable"?

Question:  I need to update an Eclipse Median frame with more MVX-A16 cards, I know that the MVX-A16 front panel cards can be installed while the frame is powered up, but does this hold true for the rear panel cards as well? 
Answer: All rear-connector cards, including the one from the MVX-A16, must not be hot patched into the back of the frame. This is also true for 3RU interface rear cards (TEL-14, CCI-22, FOR-22, AES-6, GPI-6 and RLY-6) installed in a Median or IMF frame.
All front cards however, including the MVX-A16 are hot pluggable and self initializing, meaning that a card can be removed and replaced while the system is powered. This has no effect on any part of the system’s operation, except the analog port card’s assigned sixteen ports. Communication with a card’s connected devices will be interrupted when that card is removed from the matrix. When the card is replaced, communication is restored.


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