Matrix: Can I change the IP address on a IP panel via ECS or EHX software and or locally at the panel?

There are two ways to access the IP address on a V-Series panel that has already been programmed with this information:
1.    Locally at V-Panel – In order to access the “Local Menu” the user will have to disconnect the panel from the frame (remove the CAT-5 cable from the Ethernet RJ45 jack).  The panel will disconnect and the Local Menu will appear.  Press the Local Menu button and then press IP Setup, then press “NET Setup” to  access and change any of the IP settings on the panel.  See panel menu screenshot below. 

2.    From ECS or EHX software the IP settings can be changed from the IP Devices menu / IP card section.  Select a green IP panel and click on the round icon on the right hand side of the green panel indicator, it will open the IP settings on the panel.  Click on the “Edit” button to make the required changes to the IP settings and then click on checkmark button to accept the changes, the panel will drop off-line and the panel display will say “Media Busy” and then it will say “Connecting” and then come back online with the new IP address changes.  See screenshots below. 

In the screenshot below the user can access and change IP settings for the panel.  When done click on the checkmark to send the changes to the panel. 


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