Matrix: What is the Purpose of a "Global ISO" in ECS?

This function enables a panel or interface as a global ISO (Isolate) destination. Any panel activating a talk to a global ISO destination creates a private, two-way talk path between that panel and the destination.

All other communications will be interrupted by any call from any Panel or Interface in the Eclipse System. When the source terminates the call, its audio paths return to their previous state. When all ISO paths to the destination are deactivated, the destinations’ audio paths return to their previous states. For ISO talks to also interrupt listens at the source, select the ISO Interrupts All Other Listens check box in the System Preferences tab. The default is disabled.

Users should note that ISOs are always local to the matrix so the source and destination must be devices on the same matrix.  An ISO destination cannot be set to a remote matrix. 

Note: If the destination of an ISO is a panel then ‘Eavesdropping’ must be enabled in Global Settings (Advanced Settings section) in order to activate the panel microphone if it is not already activated. If the destination is not a panel but a device such as a 4-Wire port Eavesdropping does not need to be enabled for the destination device.


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