Matrix: Can I get the firmware version of the Eclipse Pico frame via the front panel display?

Question:  I have a customer that bought an Eclipse Pico frame several years ago, they are looking to buy some new V-Panels for it, how do we determine the frame firmware version so that we can order the new panels with matching firmware versions?
Answer:  Pico frames can have either ECS / EHX firmware embedded in them, to determine the current firmware the only way to tell would be to have the Pico user provide the following information from the front panel display on the Pico frame:
1.    Press in the Setup/Enter knob
2.    Highlight “System” and press in the Enter knob
3.    Highlight “Information” and press in the Enter knob
4.    Highlight “System Information” and press in the Enter knob
5.    Look for the Firmware version line and write down the information (ECS 5.2.3 version:  FT21FT  April 12  2011)
6.    Highlight “Exit” and press the Enter knob to exit the preceding menus


The Pico panel can be updated to a newer / current version of ECS or EHX but this would also require onsite presence of an applications engineer to perform the frame firmware upgrades and panel firmware upgrades as some of the frame updates require specialized equipment and software to perform.
Likewise, if you are able to determine the current ECS version on the Pico frame any new panels added to the frame should be ordered with the same firmware version to insure proper operating compatibility with the frame.  Mixing frame and panel firmware versions can result in improper operation or non-operation of the panels depending on the firmware mix. 


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