Matrix: Can I install ECS 5.1.3 on a Windows 7 platform 32bit computer?

Question:  I've installed ECS 5.1.3 on a new Windows 7 laptop 32 bit PC.  I can program items in ECS and assign the map to a frame but when I try to initiate a download of the map to the frame ECS via the "Apply Changes to Frame" icon the process stops and ECS indicates that I'm prevented from downloading the map because the client downloaded maps folder in Program files/Clearcom/Eclipse Configuration System 5.1 doesn't exist.  Is ECS properly installed in Windows 7 environment?

Answer:  ECS 5.1.3 is properly installed.  The compatibility mode for ECS needs to be changed to "XP mode" in order to run properly and push downloads to the frame. 
To set compatibility mode close ECS, then right click on the ECS 5.1 icon and select Compatibility mode from the menu pull down list and set compatibility to XP mode.  Close the open dialog screens and restart ECS and open the configuration map.  Initiate a download and verify that the download is completed properly. 
Note that this procedure will need to be carried out for ECS versions 5.1.3 and lower on Windows 7 computers.  ECS 5.2 is Windows 7 compatible   


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