IP Products: Can I remotely connect CC RS-701 beltpacks back to an Eclipse HX frame?

Yes, a user can support a limited number of RS-700 series beltpacks remotely from an Eclipse HX frame by using LQ throw down interface boxes.  The user will connect a LQ-4W2 interface at the Eclipse Matrix and use a LQ-2W2 interface at the remote location.  The power supply at the LQ-2W2 can power a limited number of Clear-Com RS-700 series beltpacks or the user can use a Clear-Com main station or power supply to power the remote beltpacks / user stations. 
See the chart below to determine how many packs LQ 2W variants can support:

When setting up this connection, care must be taken to configure the port in the EHX software correctly. This is because, in this case, the port must be declared as a CCI-22 device as the port detection device on the LQ will recognize it as such.
1) From the EHX software, navigate to EHX/System/Cards and Ports.
2) Select the MVX card port.
3) Select a CCI-22 device from the list.
4) It is advisable to label the port as an LQ 4-wire device to avoid confusion.
The connection between the MVX analog port card and the LQ device is a 4-wire connection, even though it is declared as a 2-wire connection.

On the LQ web browser screen set the port function to Clear-Com on Channel A and Channel B.  This will provide two channels of IC with call signalling back to the Eclipse matrix frame.