Other: What Ethernet speeds are supported on the CAT5 cable

Switch manufactures are always developing new propriety and adopting new industry standard to push the data rates on existing CATx cable 
mutli-gigabit switches only with NBase-T technology from ciso (dated April 2016 ) is another new development 

You have to USE  mutli-gigabit switches only with NBase-T technology willgive you this function
Cat5 supports 1G , 2.5G , 5 G at 100m , it does not support 10GB
CAT6 supports 1G , 2.5G , 5 G at 100m , support 10GB @55mm

CAT6A supports 1G , 2.5G , 5G & 10G at 100m ,
Cisco notes on some developing wireless standards 802.11AC Wave 2