Partyline: What XLR connector do I need for RS-702 BPs is a normal neutrik XLR6 ?

RS-702 uses XLR 6 connector and they are Neutrik connectors NC6FSD-LX / NC6MSD-LX-         

The connector that the customer connects into a RS702 unit can be switchcraft or Neutrik-S connector -         

For the UK you can purchase Neutrik-S connectors from UK Mouser keywords earch NC6FS  note its important to get the Neutrik-S type as this has a different pinout to other XLR6 connectors -         

For US customers go to  



RS-703 uses XLR 3 connector and they are Neutrik connectors NC3FD-LX  / NC3MD-LX-         Anys tandard XLR3 connector can be used 


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