Matrix: How many IVC-32 and EQUE cards can place in Eclipse Delta matrix


Maximum number of High Power Cards (IVC-32, E-Que, Madi… Fiber?) on a DELTA For HX, there are only two limits:

1.       Number of timeslots, 496 for all Delta, Median and Omega frames. Each card uses a certain amount of timeslots, for some of them this depends on their individual configuration. 

Some example:

  • MVX uses 16,

  • IVC 32, MADI  use between 16 to 64,

  • E-QUE uses 48 to 60,

  • LMC uses 64,

  • E-FIB uses 16 to 192


Solution Updated Oct 17, 2021

Using EHX v11 or later - the limits for Omega frames has been increased to the following

Some earlier versions of EHX limit Omega frames to max of 4x IVC/EQUE/LMC cards


2.       Number of E-QUE type cards, max of 4 for Delta and Median (remains unchanged ). 

E-QUE type cards are E-QUE (all modes), IVC-32 and LMC-64.

Q3. Can I configure an IVC-32 to allow a mix of IP users (panels and/or Concert clients) and IP trunking

A3. Correct, for each IVC-32 port you can chose the function for each individual port. Choices are: V-Series IP panel, Concert panel, IP trunk (to another IVC), IP direct (to another IVC).

Q4. Can you have 2x IVC-32 on a matrix with the above mixed config on each card

A4 .Yes, up to a max of 4x cards (mix of EQUE, IVC-32, LMC-64)

Q5. How may concert clients switch from one Concert server to another back up server?

A5. There is no stand by Concert server functionality build into the system, so you have implement different solutions

For example by both servers having the same IP address, the standby server not being plugged in.

In case of a failure you switch the primary off and the secondary on. Or by manually changing the Concert server IP address on the concert client. Or by using a DNS address (a name for the concert server like rather than a IP address. The Concert Client will connect to which ever concert server (main or standby) that is active  


Q6. Can we keep both active at the same time and have users load balancing on the two servers? 

A6. No. There is not much load to begin with, so load balancing is not required for the sake of not overloading a single server. It is estimated that a pretty average server using today's spec (desktop i7) will be able to handle about 500 users,but this is not an exact science.