Matrix: Do you have a replacement for the CAM-IF product?

Clear-Com stopped selling the CAM-IF product  in Jan 2012 The CAM-IF was used to sum a number of camera talkback circuits into one 4-wire on the matrix.
Most systems have individual 4-wire feeds to the Camera CCU - so for an 8 camera OB this will use 8 ports on the matrix Some customers to save on port space would sum all the cameras CCUs to one port by using the CAM-IF unit
The CAM-IF was  2RU unit that was made up of 2 x 1RU products 1RU Mixer  provided 8 mono into 1 mono 1RU DA provided 1 mono to 8 mono outputs

This was a 3rd party product, the unit is still made by the original manufacturer (Audionics UK) or alternative mixer / DA units can be sources locally from your country.

There are a number of mixer / DA products on the market and we recommend you source a local manufacturer.  However you can look at using:

Glensoud DA : (Signature ADA 1:8G)

Behringer (MX882)
Glensound DA/MIXER - GS-TBMM001

Kramer Electronics DA - VM-1110Xl

Kramer Electronics MIXER - VA-15XL

CPT Systems : 

Audionics DA- DA116R & DA216R Distribution Amplifiers  (Discontinued by Audionics UK)Audionics Mixer - MM84 Mixing Matrix (Discontinued by Audionics UK)

Solution update Audionics UK is no longer trading (Oct-2015)


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