Matrix: Can I adjust crosspoint levels and or disable / kill a crosspoint from the ECS crosspoint map?

Question:  Can I adjust the audio level on a specific crosspoint using ECS in real timeAlso is it possible to enable / disable specific crosspoint in ECS in real time 
Answer:  Yes using the crosspoint map screen in the diagnostics menu of ECS 5.1 or ECS 5.2  the ability exists to adjust a port input or output audio level in real time (no download to frame required) by right clicking on the audio level next to the port name and port number.  

By right clicking on an input or output setting (the cell next to the port information) will display a list of gain values.  Clicking on a value in the list will set the input or output gain to the required level in the matrix. This value will remain in force until it is either changed again using the Crosspoint Monitor or a new map is downloaded and the matrix is full (black) reset to the default values in the map.  If a normal apply map changes (without interruption of the matrix operation) or a (red) reset download is used the modified values set up using the Crosspoint Monitor will remain in force.
By right clicking on a crosspoint between a input and output port a list of options is displayed. To toggle a crosspoint from the ‘On’ state to the ‘Off’ state click on the ‘State’ option and then click on ‘Toggle’ in the next menu.  Select the ‘Kill” option from the ‘State’ menu to clear a crosspoint completely.  Again these are real time adjustments, they do not require an "apply changes to frame" download.

To set the crosspoint level select the level option on the menu to display the crosspoint level slider and set the required level.  The slider can be adjusted from -72db (completely off) to +18db (very loud), the nominal setting is 0db. 

Select the ‘Refresh All’ option to update the display with the crosspoint settings current on the matrix.


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