Gateway: does the CC Gateway product connect to digital Motorola radios

DMR support is only for encode anddecode of the codec which is Digital Voice Systems: AMBE-3003™. This means wecan take a digital radio audio stream and convert it to 4 –wire, we also have aserial port for control data, but currently we only support Kenwood Next Edgeat the feature level. The Motorola system uses aproprietary DMR format, we cannot connect digitally to this system, Motorola isa closed system and you must buy a gateway from Motorola if you want digitalintegration of features.  If you just need to get the radio channels intoan Eclipse you can use a donor radio with the gateway on the Motorola DMRsystem,.  We can work with any digital radio byusing a “ Donor Radio” seeattached.  You simply connect to hand held radio or mobile via4-wire and now you can PTT transmit and receive audio on the channel that theradio is set to. 
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