Matrix: Can I import a linked Eclipse configuration layout with E-FIB fiber cards from ECS 4.2 or 5.1 into ECS 5.2?

Question:  I'm upgrading two Eclipse 4.2 frames linked together via E-FIB cards to version 5.2.4.  When I try to import the configuration layout into ECS 5.2.4 the import stops in mid download and the following message is displayed: 
Unable to load type.  Eclipse Client Classes.  Networking Network Definition required for deserialization.
How should I proceed?  Do I have to rebuild both configuration layouts?
Answer:  The best way to proceed with this is to import the exported .ccn file from ECS 4.2 into ECS 5.0. Once this is done save the linked set in ECS as another .ccn file, then import this saved configuration layout into ECS 5.2.4 to complete the import of the configuration.


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