Matrix: Avoiding the 240 ports limit for big systems

The current port count limit (up to and including version 5.2.3) on Eclipse is 240 ports per matrix. Here is what counts towards this limit:
  • MVX
  • MADI 
  • IVC-32
  • E-QUE direct
  • Beltpack roles
Anything else, namely E-QUE cards in antenna, splitter or trunking modes and E-FIB cards, don't count against this limit. However, if any of those cards are followed by an MVX or E-QUE direct card, they do count. So the order in which the cards are configured is important. Here is an example:
Slots 1-7 MVX (port 1 to 112)
Slots 8-9 E-QUE Splitter (port 113 to 232)
Slot 10 MVX (port 233 to 248)
The example configuration above would not compile. Since the E-QUE Splitter cards are followed by an MVX, their individual port count (60) counts towards the total port limit. Reordering the cards however will fix this:
Slots 1-7 MVX (port 1 to 112)
Slot 10 MVX (port 113 to 128) 
Slots 14-15 E-QUE Splitter
This reordered example configuration would compile (not considering configured beltpack roles).
At ECS 5.2.4 you had the following limits:240 audio ports496 time-slots- Every audio port used up one time-slot as well. So a 64 port MADI card would use 64 audio ports and 64 time-slots. 
An E-FIB set to 192 trunks uses 0 audio ports (as long as there are no cards with audio parts in a slot with 
a higher number) and 192 time-slots.

FreeSpeak Role/virtual port count in ECS 5.2.4.I understood that the FSPK role takes up a virtual port count on the system.   Yes,  it’s the number of configured FS  Roles with draw from system capacity … not the absolute number of ports on a E-Que card.
Concert- dynamic allocation vs. Static assignment on the IVC-32.Customer has chosen 100 concert licenses to serve all of their audio and video post suites. Customer thinks that allocation to the IVC card was dynamic where I was sure you allocate a Concert panel to a virtual port on the IVC card within ECS. Can you clarify?Each IVC-32 has a fixed footprint of 32 ports … Each of these IVC-32 ports  is configured for a specific operator. 96 individual operators require 3 x IVC-32 cards LMC-64 port count:does the LMC-64 meters add to the port count or are they virtual?the LMC-64 meters add to the port count and take away from the 240 port limit , therefore they should be placed before EQUE and E-FIB cards in the matrix 


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