Matrix: Can I mute a V-Panel Loudspeaker and still have audio appear on the rear Aux Audio connector connected to powered speakers?

I am wiring the Auxiliary L/S output of a V-series panel to a presenter’s in-ear feed, but I am also muting the loudspeaker via a GPI when they go live on air.It appears that muting the panel L/S also mutes the Axillary L/S out of the D25 connector on the back.If I want to mute the panel L/S yet have the matrix audio coming out of the D25 on the rear, do I have to use the Ext 1 output rather than an Aux L/S output? Will the Ext 1 output level be high enough to drive a speaker?>>

Yes, you can use the EXT1 connection on the panel instead.The EXT1 connection provides a line level (0dB) output ... so you will need a powered .Make the necessary audio settings in the Panels DSP mixer.

Wiring for EXT1

Muting the panel loudspeaker via GPI Logic Input:

Wiring for V-Series panel GPI:

We can use ‘Opto-isolated input A1’ and ‘Opto-isolated input B1’ to trigger ‘Logic 1’ of the panel.

The inputs are operated by applying a voltage between 4V and 30V AC or DC across the pins.

The power can be derived from the panel itself or from an external source.

Wire pin 22 (A1) to pin 21 (5Vdc)

Wire pin 10 (B1)  AND pon 9 (0V) the external device GPO (Audio desk)  or footswitch

In EHX, navigate to ‘Hardware -> Cards and Ports’ and select the panel. Open the ‘Logic input options’ in the ‘Properties’ pane on the right hand side.

For ‘Logic Input 1’ we will select ‘Speaker Off’

Apply the map to the matrix to save the changes.

You should now be able to mute the loudspeaker of the panel via the audio desk GPO, while continuing to receive audio from the matrix through the External Output 1 of the panel.