IP-Concert: Concert client IVC-32 configuration procedure

Concert client IVC-32 configuration procedure  1) Start EHX and navigate to the frame which the IVC-32 is installed2) Navigate to Hardware > IP Devices3) Within the Concert Users section, enter thehostname (or IP address) of the Concert server.      If the Concert server is reachable, then Drag-n-DropConcert users to an IVC-32 slot which will immediately send a message to theConcert server configuring the User selected within the Concert server'sdatabase If the Concert server is not reachable from IP Devices, then:4) Navigate to Hardware > Cards and Ports5) Assign a Concert Panel to an IVC-32 port                                                                                            6) Right-Click on the port ID (advance settings) for that entry and expand the IP Port Options within the Properties section to the right7) Enter a User ID and Password for the Concert Panel being configured8) Click Apply Changes to Matrix--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9) Using a browser login to the Concert Server's web-based managementinterface10) Navigate to Node > [Node-Name] > Eclipse IVC-32 and verify that anIVC-32 card entry exists with a hostname (IVC-32 IP address) matching that of theIVC-32's configured external address (e.g. Navigate to Partition > [Partition-Name]> Users12) Click on the [modify] link adjacent to theuser which you wish to assign to the IVC-32 slot performed in step 5)13) Select the Eclipse Enabled check box located atthe bottom of the page14) Enter the Eclipse Username & Password configured in step 7)15) Select the Eclipse IVC-32 card from the drop-down configured in step 10)16) Click Submit