Matrix : What are the EHX v7.0 system software configuration limits

The Eclipse HX matrix system version v7.0 places certain limits on the numbers of non-hardware configuration items such as fixed groups, stacked keys, party lines and controls.  For EHX. v7.0 systems the limits are 
• The maximum number of ports  is 496  for Omega / Median / Delta matrices  (36 for Pico-HX) 

Max linked / networked Frames = 15;
Max PartyLines = 399;Max PartyLine Members = 64;          Max Global IFBs = 200;Max Global ISOs = 100;
The maximum number of controls and routes combined is 999. For example if 50 routes are configured the maximum number of controls that can be created will be 949 (999- 50).

Max Groups = 999;
Max Production Key Groups PerFrame = 99;         Max Sort Groups PerFrame = 64;         Max Beltpacks = 200;Max Beltpack Roles = 496; Additionally• The maximum number of stacked keys that can be allocated is 1024 less the number of fixed groups. For example if 100 fixed groups have been allocated in EHX up to 924 stacked keys can be configured (1024 - 100) 


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